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    Cryptocurrencies are the most popular finacial asset of the XXIst century
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Registration on the website will take only several minutes. Learn more about cryptocurrencies and rules of trading.

Safe work

All your personal data in system and information on transactions are reliably protected and aren't transferred to the third parties.

Quick withdrawal of money

Profit on auction of cryptocurrencies can be easily and quickly withdrawn through the payment service provider chosen by you.

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Who are we?

Bancofcoins – is the best service for trade in cryptocurrencies.

In several years we turned into the full-fledged payment and earning tool starting as an experiment of programmers of cryptocurrency.

Experts consider that cryptocurrencies will push traditional payment methods aside in the future. Therefore it is necessary to start working with them today.

Bancofcoins uses the most modern platform for trade in cryptocurrencies. We offer the most exact quotations, no delays and we work in the 24\7 mode.

Bancofcoins is the leader of the industry of online trade

More than 2 000 000 clients trust us

Why Bancofcoins?

The main reasons to choose Bancofcoins


Bancofcoins is available worldwide with an Internet access, traders from more than 40 countries already work with us.


Our company has the minimum broker commission and we have the system of loyalty for traders with large volumes.


Our software conforms to all modern standards of safety and guarantees safety of digital assets.


You can insure the transactions or deliver the account in trust management for protection against unprofitable transactions.

How to start trading in cryptocurrencies with Bancofcoins?

Step by step guide.

  • Open the trading account in only several minutes
  • Enter Bancofcoins and put a deposit on your account
  • Load the documents to activate your account
  • Trade in cryptocurrencies and increase your capital

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